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In-Depth Exploration

In this engaging and informative video, we explore the top techniques for promoting self-assessment and goal setting in the comprehension-based language classroom.

It's a must-watch for language educators looking to empower their students and elevate their teaching game.

Key Takeaways

Discover how to:

  • Teach students the art of self-reflection and goal setting.
  • Provide them with effective checklists and rubrics for self-assessment.
  • Facilitate meaningful goal-setting discussions.
  • Encourage them to track their language learning achievements.
  • Offer guidance for setting realistic and achievable goals.

For All Educators

Whether you're a seasoned language teacher or just starting your teaching journey, this video has something for everyone.

It's a goldmine of practical tips and actionable strategies that can make a significant impact on your students' language learning experience.

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