Scott Benedict

Scott Benedict

5 Misconceptions About Comprehensible Input: What Every Language Teacher Should Know

Explore 5 major misconceptions about Comprehensible Input (CI) in language teaching. Debunk myths about translation, simplicity, grammar, and more!

Step-by-Step: Effective Scaffolding Techniques for Language Learners

Missed our YouTube LIVE on 'Effective Scaffolding in the CI Classroom'? Don't worry, we've got the recap. Discover key insights on scaffolding types, implementation strategies, and measuring success. Transform your CI classroom into an inclusive learning hub.

Top 5 Myths About Language Assessment Debunked

Explore the "Top 5 Myths About Language Assessment—Debunked!" in our latest YouTube video. From the limitations of standardized tests to the untapped potential of self-assessments, we're offering fresh perspectives and actionable tips for educators. Elevate your language teaching game today!

Unleashing Authenticity in Language Learning: Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind!

Explore top techniques to promote authentic language use in the classroom! From engaging conversations to using authentic materials, these strategies will elevate your students' language learning experience.

Keep Them Engaged: Crafting Your Own CI Materials

Watch our YouTube LIVE session to master the art of crafting Comprehensible Input (CI) materials. From assessing student proficiency levels to choosing resonant content and using tech tools, we'll guide you through creating engaging, effective language lessons. Tune in!

Top 5 Challenges of Assessing Speaking Skills and How to Overcome Them

Dive into the complexities of assessing speaking skills in our latest YouTube video! From inconsistent scoring to time constraints, we explore the top 5 challenges and offer game-changing solutions. Perfect for language teachers eager to streamline assessments.