Comprehensible Input

Comprehensible Input

Top 5 CI Mistakes

Today, I’ve got my top 5 mistakes you want to avoid in your language classroom. Are you making any of these mistakes? I know I have!

How to Get Unstuck in Conversation: Tips for Teaching Circumlocution in the Modern Language Classroom

In this video, we explore the topic of circumlocution and provide practical tips for language teachers to help their students get unstuck in conversation.

STOP Teaching Verb Conjugations

Hey, the 1980s called and they want their conjugations back! I'm not kidding. Verb conjugations should be a thing of the past.

Teaching Verbs

But how do we get verbs into the instinct part of the brain? We don't have hours upon hours to provide input like in their native language. Can't we just fast-track it through memorization?

Creating CI from Textbook Texts

Stuck with using a textbook? Learn how to make CI magic from your textbook!

Less is More — Creating Curriculum Around the Sweet 16

Building a curriculum around just 16 simple verbs can transform your students' proficiency levels and have them communicating like never before.