Language Acquisition

Language Acquisition

Comprehensible Input: The Game-Changer in Modern Language Teaching

Discover the power of comprehensible input in language learning! Explore the theories of Krashen and VanPatten, and learn practical strategies for creating an engaging, effective classroom environment that fosters language acquisition.

Top 5 Strategies for Providing Comprehensible Input in a Multilevel Language Classroom

In today's video, we tackle the challenge of teaching in a multilevel language classroom. We dive into the top five strategies for providing comprehensible input, making your classroom a more inclusive, engaging, and effective place for everyone.

Balancing the Use of L1 and L2 to Provide Optimal CI

In this video, we'll be discussing how to balance L1 and L2 in the language classroom.

The Importance of Repetition in Comprehensible Input

In this video, I’ll be exploring the importance of repetition in teaching a language with comprehensible input. As language teachers, we all know the struggle of trying to make new concepts stick in our students' brains.

Knowledge vs Instinct— the tale of two brains.

I know that instinct and knowledge aren't the scientific terms for these two aspects of the brain. Bill VanPatten calls them implicit and explicit, but I think those terms, though scientifically correct, muddle the waters a bit and aren't as clear.

First thoughts on Pimsleur Method--Eastern Arabic

After having read the posts on the list about the Pimsleur Method, I decided to retry this methodology for learning a language. I had tried the Pimsleur tapes for Spanish and German when I was young, but never really followed through.