Unleashing the Power of the Super 7 and Sweet 16 Verbs in Your Language Curriculum

Revolutionize your language teaching with the Super 7 and Sweet 16 verbs! Discover proven strategies to create a simple, effective comprehensible input curriculum that skyrockets student proficiency. Unlock the power of high-frequency verbs today!

Step-by-Step: Effective Scaffolding Techniques for Language Learners

Missed our YouTube LIVE on 'Effective Scaffolding in the CI Classroom'? Don't worry, we've got the recap. Discover key insights on scaffolding types, implementation strategies, and measuring success. Transform your CI classroom into an inclusive learning hub.

Keep Them Engaged: Crafting Your Own CI Materials

Watch our YouTube LIVE session to master the art of crafting Comprehensible Input (CI) materials. From assessing student proficiency levels to choosing resonant content and using tech tools, we'll guide you through creating engaging, effective language lessons. Tune in!

Immediate Immersion LIVE! - Transform Your Language Classroom—Create a CI Curriculum Map for Student Success!

In this video, we'll take you through a step-by-step guide to creating a Comprehensible-Input curriculum map that not only meets the needs of your students but also improves their language learning outcomes.

Less is More — Creating Curriculum Around the Sweet 16

Building a curriculum around just 16 simple verbs can transform your students' proficiency levels and have them communicating like never before.

CI Classroom Targets

So many teachers stress about writing the targets or standards on the board. They want to be detailed and thorough for their supervisor. But in doing so, they leave out the student which is the whole point. So keep it SIMPLE to make this daily task a non-event.