Did you miss our live event, "Online Teaching Hack: Adapting Comprehensible Input for Virtual Classrooms"?

Good news – the replay is now available!

Why Watch the Replay?

Our YouTube LIVE session was an informative journey through the world of online language education. Here’s what we covered:

  1. Maximizing Comprehensible Input: Insights into the unique challenges and opportunities of providing comprehensible input in a virtual setting.
  2. Adapting Techniques for Online Teaching: Practical ways to modify traditional comprehensible input methods for the digital classroom.
  3. Technology Tools for Interactive Lessons: From engaging video tools to virtual whiteboards, learn about the technology that can revolutionize your online teaching experience.
  4. Interactive Online Activities: Discover games and activities specifically designed for engaging students in the virtual language classroom.
  5. Assessing Comprehensible Input Online: Strategies for evaluating language comprehension and tracking student progress in online settings.

What You'll Gain: This replay is a treasure trove for any language educator looking to enhance their online teaching skills. Whether you're a seasoned virtual teacher or just starting, you'll find valuable insights and actionable tips.

Access the Replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cI3DwRDTgjQ

Share Your Thoughts: After watching, feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, or questions you might have about virtual language teaching. Let’s keep the conversation going and continue learning from each other.