Step-by-Step: Effective Scaffolding Techniques for Language Learners

Missed our YouTube LIVE on 'Effective Scaffolding in the CI Classroom'? Don't worry, we've got the recap. Discover key insights on scaffolding types, implementation strategies, and measuring success. Transform your CI classroom into an inclusive learning hub.

Keep Them Engaged: Crafting Your Own CI Materials

Watch our YouTube LIVE session to master the art of crafting Comprehensible Input (CI) materials. From assessing student proficiency levels to choosing resonant content and using tech tools, we'll guide you through creating engaging, effective language lessons. Tune in!

Assess for Success: Strategies for Effective Grading

Dive into traditional vs. alternative assessments, explore real-time formative evaluations, and discover digital tools that streamline grading. Don't miss tips on providing actionable feedback. Elevate your assessment game!

Ignite Classroom Genius: Don't Miss Our Upcoming YouTube LIVE on Differentiated Learning

Join us for an eye-opening YouTube LIVE, "One Size Doesn't Fit All: Differentiating for Language Success." Unlock actionable strategies for catering to diverse learning styles in your language classroom. Elevate your teaching game with innovative assessment tools and more. RSVP now!

Teaching with Tranquility: Classroom Management Made Easy

Join our live stream, "Teaching with Tranquility: Classroom Management Made Easy." Get tips on setting rules, handling disruptions, managing transitions, and fostering respect among students. Let's make teaching a breeze!

Parents as Partners: Building Bridges for Better Learning

Join fellow language teachers in our live stream: "Parents as Partners." Learn to navigate parent-teacher communication, utilize tech tools, engage parents in language learning, handle difficult talks, and conduct successful meetings. Shine on, educators!