Grading & Assessment

Grading & Assessment

Immediate Immersion LIVE! - Exit Tickets: Your Secret Weapon for Effective Formative Assessment

In this video, I'll explain how exit tickets work, and share some best practices for creating and implementing them in your classroom.

7 Awesome Book Reports for Silent Reading

In this video, we'll show you seven awesome book report ideas that will make your next silent reading assignment a breeze.

Using Flip in the CI Classroom is a great way for students to express themselves in the target language. It's totally free, easy-to-use, and kids can show their creativity while demonstrating their language prowess!

How to Assess Writing Quick & Easy!

I've been grading quick writes and other forms of writing for over 20 years and over these years, I've developed a system that makes it quick and efficient. Read on for quick & easy writing assessment tips!

Setting Up your Proficiency-Based Grade Book for Success!

Join me and see how I set up my proficiency-based grade book for success!

Quick Writes - How to do Quick Writes in the comprehension-based classroom.

Quick Writes are an integral part of my classroom practice and they should be a part of yours too! There's nothing better than a quick write to measure a student's writing proficiency.