Grading & Assessment

Grading & Assessment

7 Awesome Book Reports for Silent Reading

In this video, we'll show you seven awesome book report ideas that will make your next silent reading assignment a breeze.

Using Flip in the CI Classroom is a great way for students to express themselves in the target language. It's totally free, easy-to-use, and kids can show their creativity while demonstrating their language prowess!

How to Assess Writing Quick & Easy!

I've been grading quick writes and other forms of writing for over 20 years and over these years, I've developed a system that makes it quick and efficient. Read on for quick & easy writing assessment tips!

Setting Up your Proficiency-Based Grade Book for Success!

Join me and see how I set up my proficiency-based grade book for success!

Quick Writes - How to do Quick Writes in the comprehension-based classroom.

Quick Writes are an integral part of my classroom practice and they should be a part of yours too! There's nothing better than a quick write to measure a student's writing proficiency.

Do You Struggle with Assessing Conversations?

Do you struggle assessing interpersonal speaking? Let's face it, we all do from time to time. But I'm here to give you some tips so that you can quickly and easily assess interpersonal speaking in your language classroom starting tomorrow!