Do you get stuck trying to ask a story in your class?

Today, I’ve got you covered with 5 ways you can start a story in your class!

5. Use a script.

This is the easiest way to ask a story in class.

You’ll write out a complete story script with a character, problem, attempt to solve a problem and finally, a solution.

You’ll highlight or underline variables in your story.

These are the parts that can change depending on your students.

In class, you’ll ask leading questions to fill in your variables.

In this way, the same script can result in a different story for each class.

4. Use a storyboard.

Storyboards are a great way to ask a story on training wheels.

Create a four or six frame storyboard using Google Slides and clipart.

I create a single frame on each slide and then use the slides during class to ask a story.

The storyboards are generic enough so that the class can still make them their own, but also provide needed scaffolding to make asking the story easier.

3. Create a MovieTalk.

Movietalks are another great way to scaffold a story.

I choose a short video, usually three to five minutes and take screenshots of key scenes.

I copy each screenshot to a different slide in Google Slides.

During class, I’ll use the slide deck to ask the details of the story with the students and at the end, I’ll show them the final video.

2. Use a picture.

I love finding a funny or cultural picture to use to jumpstart a story.

You can search for funny animals, funny babies, awkward family photos, famous art, or cultural images.

You’ll start by asking questions to describe the image and then work your way into finding a problem to solve to jumpstart your story.

Students like talking about these images and have fun making stories out of them.

1. Create a character.

The most fun way to ask a story with your students is to start by creating a character.

Ask leading questions to create a main character for your story. What is it? Where does it live? What does it look like? How old is it? etc.

Once you have a character developed, ask the students to give it a problem and you’ve got the start of a great story!

So there are my five ways to start a story!!

Do you have another way that you love? Let us know in the comments!

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