Teacher Tips

Teacher Tips

The LIVE Session You Won't Want to Miss: Building a CI Dream Team

Discover how to build your own network of like-minded CI educators. Our latest YouTube LIVE session dives into peer collaboration in the CI world, offering real-world case studies and actionable tips. Don't teach CI alone—build your dream team now!

Teaching Vocabulary: 5 Proven Methods You Need to Know.

Explore top strategies for teaching vocabulary in a language classroom. From visuals to meaningful contexts, discover game-changing techniques to enhance comprehension and engage students.

Get Ready to Revolutionize Language Learning: Convincing the Skeptics About CI 🎉

Join us for an upcoming YouTube LIVE session where we tackle the skepticism surrounding Comprehensible Input (CI) in language education. We'll explore why doubts exist, how to educate the skeptics, and share real-world success stories. Don't miss out!

Adapting CI Methods for Advanced Levels—Catch the Replay!

Discover key insights from our recent YouTube LIVE session on "Adapting CI Methods for Advanced Levels." Learn how to elevate your teaching strategies for advanced language students, from differentiated CI techniques to innovative assessments. Watch now!

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Grading Time Without Sacrificing Quality

Tired of spending endless hours grading language assignments? Our latest YouTube video, "Top 5 Ways to Reduce Grading Time Without Sacrificing Quality," offers actionable strategies for efficient, effective assessments. Say goodbye to grading burnout and reclaim your weekends! 📚🙌

Unleashing Authenticity in Language Learning: Techniques That Will Blow Your Mind!

Explore top techniques to promote authentic language use in the classroom! From engaging conversations to using authentic materials, these strategies will elevate your students' language learning experience.