One-Verb Stories - Highly targeted and focused stories to maximize language acquisition.

Typically when we ask a story, we generally focus on three different verbs and that works great! But every once in a while there might be a need to really laser in on only one verb. This verb might be particularly difficult, particularly important, or one that students often mess up.

Ask-a-Story - the HEART of Comprehensible Input

Parents sing and talk to their babies about the world around them. They keep vocabulary simple, but they don't shelter their grammar. They use whatever grammar is necessary to communicate their message. This is how they acquire the language, the vocabulary, and the grammar in context.

Building Characters for Maximum Student Engagement

At the end of last school year, I had the pleasure of reading another one of Ben Slavic's excellent books called A Natural Approach to Stories. Now building characters is a mainstay of my classroom