Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Setting the Stage: A Guide to a Successful First Day of School

In this article, I sh teaching strategies for a successful school year. Tune in for insights on establishing rules, incorporating fun, balancing academics, and immersive language learning techniques.

Crafting a Classroom Culture: Inclusion and Respect are the New Norms!

Dive into strategies for creating an inclusive language learning environment with Scott from Immediate Immersion. Learn about respect, equity, empathy, and combating bullying in classrooms.

Tips and Tricks for a Positive Language Classroom

Dive into this engaging guide filled with tips on fostering a positive learning environment and effectively managing your language classroom. From setting clear routines to boosting interactivity, explore the art of joyful teaching with Scott!

Parents as Partners: Building Bridges for Better Learning

Join fellow language teachers in our live stream: "Parents as Partners." Learn to navigate parent-teacher communication, utilize tech tools, engage parents in language learning, handle difficult talks, and conduct successful meetings. Shine on, educators!

Building Bridges, Not Walls: Connection Strategies for Language Teachers

Discover the power of connection in language teaching! Learn how fostering a positive environment, knowing your students, and personalizing learning can unlock unprecedented classroom success.

Banishing Boredom and Igniting Engagement

When the energy wanes and boredom sets in, it's time to shake things up and inject some serious fun into our lessons.