Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Building Bridges: Forge Strong Student-Teacher Relationships for Optimal Learning

In this LIVE! we delve into a variety of topics, from communication strategies that break down barriers, to fostering trust and empathy, to creating a positive classroom culture that celebrates diversity and individuality.

Creating a Culture of Respect and Inclusion in the Language Classroom

In this video, I’m diving deep into the secrets of creating an environment where everyone feels valued, celebrated, and empowered to learn.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

This video is all about creating a positive learning environment in your classroom. Creating a positive environment for both my students and myself made that class one of my favorites! So if you want that for your classroom, you'll want to watch this video!

Building Strong Teacher-Student Relationships in the Language Classroom: Strategies and Best Practices

In this video, we spill the beans on powerful tips and tricks that'll make your teacher-student bond unbreakable. We're talking about creating an environment that's bursting with trust, growth, and a serious passion for language learning.

Positivity Notes - Make a Student's Day!

As teachers, we have the power to make a positive impact on our students' lives each and every day. And what better way to do that than with positivity notes? These small, thoughtful notes can go a long way in boosting your students' confidence and happiness.

Building Community with

Building classroom community is so important in teaching children today and maintaining good classroom management. Learn how you can use the FREE app to bring your class together.