What's This All About?

Welcome to a LIVE session that's designed to address one of the most pressing challenges in the Comprehensible Input (CI) classroom—crafting high-quality, tailored materials.

If you're a language teacher who's ever struggled with finding or creating materials that hit just the right balance between being comprehensible and engaging, this LIVE session is for you.

Topics We're Tackling

Identifying Your Students' Proficiency Levels

Determining where your students are at proficiency-wise is step one in crafting effective materials. In this session, we'll share actionable strategies to accurately gauge your classroom's needs.

Choosing Content That Resonates

We'll delve into the nuanced art of picking topics that will keep your students interested and engaged. Learn how to incorporate culture and current events to make your CI materials resonate deeply with your learners.

Structural Elements in CI Material

Scaffolding isn't just a buzzword; it's a key element in structuring CI material for success. Discover ways to break down complex topics and texts, making them digestible and comprehensible for your students.

Practical Tips for Material Crafting

Want to know how to create engaging reading passages, dialogues, and interactive activities? We'll walk through examples and best practices, helping you navigate common pitfalls in material creation.

Tech Tools and Resources

We're rounding off the session by introducing some handy tech tools that can simplify the material-creation process. From content curation platforms to CI-specific apps, you'll leave with a suite of digital resources at your disposal.