Why the change?

As teachforjune has grown over the years, so has how we help language teachers.

We started out offering grading and assessment training via workshops and webinars, but have since expanded our training offerings, released a comprehension-based curricula in French and Spanish, and have founded an annual comprehension-based online conference.

We think that our new name better encompasses our vision going forward—to transform world-language classrooms through comprehension-based training, innovative curricula, and student-focused materials.

Our new name puts the heart of what we do—immediately immerse students in language—front and center and by focusing on immersing our students in language, we can further their path to proficiency.

We invite you to join us as we continue our mission to bring comprehensible-input to language teachers everywhere so that more and more students enjoy the gift of fluency.

Welcome to...

Immediate Immersion